Story Behind Pineapple Street's Name + A Brief History of Fruit Streets

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This week we want to dive into a little more of our own history, as well as some history that helped shape our company name. When people hear our business name, Pineapple Street Designs, we are often asked by New Yorkers if our shop is located on Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights. We wish! It is a beautiful street and did play a role in our name inspiration. 

Our first wedding stationery collection grew out of the set of New York City icon table cards I made for Bekah's wedding. Check out last week's post here if you missed it on how we got into business together!

Photo: Photo Pink

Photo: Photo Pink

Photo:  Photo Pink

Photo: Photo Pink

Once we decided we were going to officially start our own business (besides being a little freaked out and so over the top excited) we knew we needed a name for our little business and we knew we wanted to pick something to last. When we sat down to brainstorm, we both wanted to name our business after something that reminded us of NYC's incredible architecture but at the same time wasn't too obvious. We talked about our love for Brooklyn brownstones, which I had been drawing in my sketchbooks for years, and we settled on the most adorable street in the historic Brooklyn Heights neighborhood: Pineapple Street! Pineapple Street has beautiful old brownstones and former carriage houses, and is located right near the Brooklyn Heights Promenande, which has the most incredible view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the downtown Manhattan skyline. If you haven't strolled down Pineapple Street yet, do yourself a favor and head down there!

Pineapple Street Brooklyn Heights
Pineapple Street Building

Pineapples also symbolize hospitality, something we try to embody in our customer service. Also, we think pineapples are so cute!

In art school, I loved to make paintings based on obscure stories from New York City's past, and the fruit streets (Cranberry St, Orange St, and Pineapple St) in Brooklyn Heights happen to have a pretty amusing history.  In the 1800's, most of the streets in Brooklyn Heights were named after wealthy families that there. A local aristocrat, Lady Middagh, thought this was pretentious, so she had new street signs made and put them up herself. The city kept taking them down and she kept replacing them, until eventually she won. Those of you familiar with Brooklyn might have already noticed the irony of this story... Lady Middagh never got around to replacing the sign for Middagh Street! To read more about the history of fruit streets click here and here

Stay tuned next week for a sneak peek into our New York City Invitation Suite Design and our unique take on the liners that make these a favorite to look at and discuss!

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